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Calligraphic services are available for commissions including formal presentations such as scrolls, certificates, wedding stationery, awards, family trees, monograms, logos and memorial books. Also available are less formal artworks such as poems, prose and quotations. Many commissions can include colour washed backgrounds, illustration and gold leaf. Written and letter design can also be applied to many non traditional surfaces such as interior walls or stones.

All commissions are considered and Julia Baxter is happy to give no-obligation quotations and also offers prices to suit particular budgets. A pre-discussion between the artist and client is essential, where information is gathered to enable the artist to create pieces that reflect that clients requirements and tastes.

The calligraphic artist has developed this craft to a high standard of lettering and design. As well as commissions she creates her own artworks which involve a fusion of a variety of script styles, colour and textures, in range of mediums, making her own expressions of letters and words. These creations are shown in many exhibitions and are sold in Kent galleries.

Classes for adults in Calligraphy are run in the artist's home town of Sandwich, Kent.  These will be in Zoom format and available soon. The artist also offers Private Tuition at her home as well as Correspondenc Courses with a flexible option of a combination of both. All of these are suitable for both Beginners and Improvers. The artist leads and is available for children's workshops, at secondary level and also for day workshops for other community adult groups.

As a Scribe, the artist demonstrates at historical events, using a variety of ancient style scripts, using traditional materials and costumes!  Workshops are also availble for medieval writing skills and illumination at the Sandwich Medieval Centre, Sandwich Quay.

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