At local events, the artist, demonstrates her calligraphy skills using contemporary pens and materials and includes a display of her creative works, both as prints and originals, as well as her calligraphic rocks. She can also write people's names in colourful large letters as a memento of an event.

At historical events Julia demonstrates at her scriptorium style writing board using quills, pigment paints in mussel shells, the calligraphy skills of ancient scribes. The demonstrations can include a variety of historical based scripts including Celtic, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Medieval and Renaissance. She works on manuscript pages showing the various stages, from outline design to associated decorations and colouring. Her scriptorium can display examples of her more traditional works and she is happy to discuss and answer questions on the craft. Again, she can write people's names, in the relevant style historical scripts. The artist is a member of a medieval performance and living history group based in Sandwich (see Links page) and is often seen demonstrating calligraphy alongside the other entertainments.

The fee for a day's demonstration only is £150 with negotiable travel costs.

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